T-1 Countdown, Jan. 15: En route New Zealand

This is my first trip to Oceania: the most watery continent of our planet. Just look at the globe from this perspective and you’ll see a whole water planet…Just a thought: how many watery exoplanets are out there?  Will we ever be able to flyover them on day in the distant future?

I’m flying over the Pacific, and just watching out of my window now. Amazing, a fairy landscape captures my mind wandering in wonders. I am lost in it.  Towers and pillar-like clouds rise from the shiny surface of the water…to return somewhere a bit farther over the ocean into the water as rain.  I am witnessing the very beginning of  the perennial water cycle on the go: evaporation from the ocean.  My goodness, where is my camera when I need it?

It’s sunset now: we are just three hours away from kiwi land!